North Carolina's Wild Horses

The Wild Horses of Shackleford Banks (cont'd.)

     The best time to go to Shackleford Banks has to be October and November, when it's still warm enough to be pleasant and the mosquitos are normally no problem. Late April through May should be nice as well. Warm days in the middle of winter can be as nice as October, but the summer months can be pretty miserable with the heat. Of course, Spring can be an interesting time when the horses become more territorial and the stallions can be expected to be frequently at odds with each other. This can make for some interesting photos, but you will need some serious camera zoom, as you do not want to get too close when the horses are being aggressive.

     In the Spring there is greater likelihood of seeing new foals as well, so that can be another reason to visit in the Spring. No matter when you go, watching these wild horses is a special treat. You will also see shore birds as well. Sometimes there are White Ibis mingling with the horses. They seem to like feeding where the horses have been.

     An option to consider, particularly if you want to get photos, is to hook up with an experienced guide to make the most of your trip to Shackleford. The only personal guided charter out of Beaufort is Seavisions Charters, which is highly rated with excellent reviews.


     However you choose to visit, the wild horses on Shackleford Banks will provide you with a memorable experience watching these wonderful creatures in their free-roaming home on the North Carolina coast.

How Do I Get There and See the Shackleford Horses?


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